The services offered by NYB Consulting are designed to meet our clients’ needs, in line with the size or status of their organizational development: launch, maturity, recovery, full growth, or internal restructuring.

Main types of services provided by NYB Consulting include:



The independent consulting offered by NYB Consulting, based on our consultants’ specialized knowledge and tailor-made studies of the issue at hand, is the main competitive factor behind our success.

NYB Consulting provides top management with insight and strategic guidance when dealing with the complex challenges faced by most organizations operating in a global economy.

With our sights firmly set on the relevant issues, NYB Consulting produces strategic or operational recommendations that can be implemented by our clients, with the support of our team, if necessary.


Business Plan

A business plan is an essential tool in the life of any company, whether at the conception and launch phase, or throughout its life in the marketplace. A business plan has to be far more than a spreadsheet summarizing expected expenditures and, earnings, with respective profit forecasts and financial indicators.

The NYB Consulting team has vast experience in drawing up business plans and providing consultancy on how to implement them. That experience has been gained by working with major companies involved in international business, as well as with SMEs operating on a smaller scale.

A business plan must include and clearly set out the following:
• The company, its object and future aims;
• Business development strategy;
• Products and services provided;
• Market, including target customers and competitors;
• Marketing plan;
• Organizational and administrative elements;
• Risk analysis;
• Financial plan.

A business plan must therefore be tailored to suit the business for which it is intended. Some elements can be more detailed than others, depending on the purpose it serves (for example, obtaining bank loans or attracting strategic partners and investors).


Project Management

Project management calls for specific methods and skills to ensure that procedures are implemented efficiently, human resources are managed effectively, and deadlines and technical specifications are adhered to.

Success partly resides in managing the complex interplay of three key elements:
• People – in-house or external, balancing their expectations and interests;
• Budget – managing resources that are almost always limited;
• Time – ensuring the adherence to demanding deadlines with rarely any leeway.

NYB Consulting’s professional team is experienced in managing domestic and international large scale projects in a variety of different business sectors. What we provide ranges from project planning to managing and implementing projects under our own responsibility, also producing indispensable regular assessment and progress reports.

Project management by NYB Consulting can take the form of specialized oversight and advisory for the client’s own in-house team, or fully take on the tasks and provide the necessary skills.


Market Analysis

Information is power. Knowledge of the variables in the marketplace in which the company operates or intends to enter is essential for ensuring success and a return on its investments. Many projects are doomed to failure because they fail to take account of real circumstances.

NYB Consulting builds complete profiles of the target market, containing descriptions of how the overall market is developing, the type of competition, current demand structure, the type and level of future demand, and potential regulatory issues, obstacles, or incentives. To that end, NYB Consulting will carry out the necessary market studies, using specialized partner companies.

NYB Consulting also carries out benchmarking studies, to provide a clear and comparative view of where your company stands in relation to others, be they competitors or industry partners. Knowing the market and the competitive environment is essential for the successful management of your company.


Strategy Development

The definition of an objective and coherent corporate strategy is an essential step in ensuring the future of any organization. The visions of those behind the company have to be turned into clear and achievable strategic guidelines that can be shared and carried by everyone in the organization.

NYB Consulting provides all of the support needed to design and turn your organization’s strategic plan into reality, by focusing on the vision and mission set forth by its backers, laying down the strategic goals to be achieved within a clearly defined period of time, and ensuring that the plan is properly tailored to the competitive marketplace.

In this connection, NYB Consulting provides the consultancy required to develop and set out the organization’s corporate development and business strategies, helping top management to (re)position the organization and its product offering in line with market requirements.

By combining the various services provided by NYB Consulting, our team of consultants oversees the entire process, from market analysis and prior studies of the competitive environment to advice on implementation and internal communication of the strategic plan, the development of operational plans, and the design and implementation of result-assessment instruments.



NYB Consulting designs, organizes and manages corporate workshops, providing an independent neutral moderator for the issues to be discussed.

Organizations are increasingly using such methods, which can be unique opportunities to analyse and discuss issues, involving different elements of the company.

When properly designed, this kind of workshop is a valuable forum for productive reflection about the organization’s current situation, its strengths and weaknesses, future development scenarios, opportunities and threats, and for brainstorming to come up with solutions to complex challenges.

NYB Consulting uses the latest moderating techniques and a broad palette of different exercises, selected and adapted for each individual case, and already successfully tried out in numerous international organizations.