NYB Consulting is a management consulting company founded in May 2007 and is part of the NYB group.

Its purpose is to support top managers in dealing with specific challenges they are facing, taking advantage of the vast international experience obtained by NYB Consulting’s experts. This experience was gained at projects in places so diverse as Qatar, Ukraine, USA (Hawaii), Saudi Arabia, Canada and Kuwait, among others.

Many of its projects are in the highly specialized field of air transport: airline restructuring, strategic fleet planning, network planning, economic viability studies, the preparation and moderation of specialized workshops, and much more. Projects in other industries have also been conducted.

NYB Consulting strives to create a trust bond between the consultant and the client, based on its professional standard of work. The company’s values are based on:

• Professional ethics;
• Rigour;
• The feasibility, creativity and flexibility of its solutions; and
• Its tireless ambition to achieve the proposed objectives.